Monday 17 December 2018


I allowed myself a laid-back weekend of eating, sleeping and chilling after a long week, including my work Christmas Party at Heaven on Thursday. You know Friday won't be productive when you're given 4 free drinks, Annie Mac is DJing and there are acrobatic dancers falling from the ceiling the night before!

I did another mix & match suit job with this outfit, with some old pieces I found in my wardrobe and some new sample sale buys. They say winter is all about layering, which I accomplished while still attempting to define my waist through the million fabrics underneath. Le struggle.

I tucked a cosy knit into my new culottes, both in the same navy colour. I then threw on a navy mac and belted it at the waist. Being 5'3, I pretty much have to wear some form of heel with an outfit like this. Well, unless I'm going for the stumpy elf look.

These Topshop boots are a favourite because they really elongate my body. 

I've picked out some pieces from the high street to show how you can create similar outfits with different colours...




Until next time,

H x
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