Sunday 9 December 2018


It's the return of my favourite coat. I've worn this outfit about 3 times over the past week and a half, and for good reason. It's cosy, chic and most importantly, warm. Underneath, I am wearing this gorgeous Mango dress, which is slightly oversized with wide sleeves. Perfect for December weather.

I've been enjoying finding ways to wear dresses and skirts in this cold weather, whether it be layering them up with tights and under-tops, or finding the thickest dresses/skirts around.

I picked out some of my favourite knit dresses (in neutral colours) around the high street...

I also found some more colourful knit dresses for those who don't go plain 90% of the time, like I do ;)

Remember to size up if you want to be cosy in your knit dress. I like to go for the 'looking like an oversized marshmallow' look. But each to their own.

Until next time,

H x
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  1. Beautiful dress, perfect outfit!!

  2. Absolutely amazing!!


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