Tuesday, 25 December 2018


Merry Christmas! Hope you're all enjoying your day/days/week off... I've got a few days off, which I've spent relaxing with family. I also have some uni work to do which I'm sneaking in while I have the time ;)

I get quite reflective this time of the year, as many do, and like to think about my achievements of the year. If I'm honest, this year has just flown by so fast that I can't believe how much has actually happened. I am excited to plan for next year and wanted to give you some tips on how to maximise your productivity. I'm currently juggling a full-time job, a part-time Master's degree, this part-time blogging thang and a barely there social life. So hopefully I can pass on some wisdom :)

But first, my outfit in this post is linked below (apart from the jumper which is vintage, so I've linked something similar from Topshop):


This is the first point because it's the most important. The only reason that I'm able to get so much done is because I genuinely enjoy it, I genuinely love it. Not only that but I can also see where all that I'm doing will take me in the future. It's not going to be perfect every day, every moment. But nothing is. As long as you're passionate about your work, this will fuel you in the good and bad moments.


It's hard to admit but those lie-ins can eat into some of your most productive time. I am by no means saying that you should sleep less. I'm saying: go to sleep earlier and wake up earlier. This is something I'm still trying to achieve on a more regular basis, my goal is to wake up earlier to exercise. This would free up my evenings that I usually spend forcing a tired workout to do other things, like write my blog posts ahead of schedule ;)

Whenever I read books on success and productivity or read about the lives of the most successful people, waking up earlier is a trait that most of them share. So why not try it out?


This brings me on to my next point. Find the hours that are most productive for you. Is it first thing in the morning, is it mid-morning after the coffee has kicked in, or is it last thing in the evening? Either way, use this knowledge to your advantage. I usually get my best ideas right before bed, so during my undergrauate, I used to work on my dissertation in the evenings. It was one night that I couldn't sleep where I wrote the chapter that resulted in my A grade.

Be aware that you might be productive in different ways throughout the day. For example, you might be most focused and logical in the mornings, then the most creative in the evenings. Or it might be the other way around.

Either way, utilise this knowledge of yourself!

4) 80/20

The 80/20 rule can be applied to so many things in life, and whether or not it's completely factual in all circumstances, I think it's a great way to help review yourself.

They say that out of everything we spend time doing in our day, 20% of this produces 80% of our results. Use this to help eliminate time-wasting activity.


If there's one thing that I truly believe, it's that we have to love and take care of ourselves before anything (unless you have children). If your mental health, physical health or emotional health isn't being taken care of, then any productivity you may have won't be sustainable. 

We all know the big things we can do to take care of ourselves, holiday, spa breaks, weekends away. But it's not enough to have a few weeks throughout the year to keep us healthy.

My methods of self-love involve 
-Exercising regularly - otherwise, I will literally meltdown
-A daily skin care routine - anything that makes you feel beautiful :)
-Regular breaks from working - no matter what work I'm doing, uni or if I'm at work, I will get up every half hour or so and refresh my mind. 
-Music - the cure all


My absolute favourite thing. I could organise anything. 

Find the best way for you to organise yourself, whether it be a to-do list, calendars, reminders, or massive excel spreadsheets. Take the time to create and use it. 

If I'm out and don't have the above on me, I even find typing everything I have to do into my phone notes helps, especially if I'm feeling stressed. It takes the stress from my head, and puts in down in front of me. Then I can organise how to tackle each point.


I can really vouch for a clean space. If (and when) my room becomes messy/unclean, I find myself getting a little stressed. I used to think this was a personal flaw. This OCD mind of mine can't function unless my surroundings are spotless.

This was until I read the first chapter of my current read: You Are Not So Smart. The chapter is on priming and explains that our outside stimulus can subconsciously affect us and our actions. It made me understand that I literally have a clearer mind when my room is clean. There's less distracting my little mind, which means more room for focus and productivity.


Another one of my recent reads, Think and Grow Rich taught me one key thing that I literally carry with me daily now. Everything begins with an idea.

There are many quotes, books, research papers and conversations on this topic, so I'm not going to go all philosophical on a fashion blog post. But there is some truth to it.

I've accomplished so much this year that I used to dream about. And yes, it is down to hard work and perseverance. But I also simply believed that I could be the person I am today. And here I am. Work-in-progress me, striving to be the next, even better, version of myself.

I hope this inspired you, and I wish you all a productive, successful, and most importantly 
HAPPY New Year.

Habba xx

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