Wednesday, 13 February 2019


I've been loving faux fur coats over the past few weeks, they're all on sale right now too so it's the time to buy for next winter! Might sound OTT but you'll be grateful in a few months time. I bought this one from Bershka for £20 and wore it out on a day date with my boyfriend. I paired it with these Dorothy Perkins jeans (gifted like 4 years ago) and Topshop pointy heels.

When shopping for the perfect coat, especially fur coats, you want to consider where you want it to fall on your body. At your waist, hips or legs, I generally go for coats/jackets that fall at the waist or full-length coats. Anything else looks weird on my petite self. 

You should also consider the shape of the coat, for example, I bought a coat the other day which looked beautiful on the hanger but in reality, it was quite balloon shaped. So once I put it on, I looked massive.

Of course, making sure the colour of the coat matches your day to day outfits and most importantly, your favourite shoes, is key! And lastly, always check how you can wash it, no one wants a wardrobe full of dry clean only coats ;)

I've added some of my favourite faux fur finds below for you guys <3

Until next time,

H x


  1. Hey your faux fur coats edit doesn't seem to be loading and I e been trying since the weekend?

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