Sunday 28 February 2016

London Fashion Week AW16 | Day 2

H&M Top | Vintage Trousers & Bag | Hush Puppies Shoes | Aldo Sunglasses | Topshop Earrings

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen this outfit already but I wanted to share some more pictures because I love how these ones turned out! The outfit was super comfortable, which was needed because there's nothing worse than having a tight top and jeans on when you're running around London. 

The top that I wore was definitely inspired by one of my favourite bloggers, Karla Deras, who's a pro at cutting up her clothes. She did something similar to a top of hers a few months ago, and I just had to do the same! I felt like it added something interesting to an otherwise smart outfit. It accentuated my waist which I needed because the trousers were so wide. I highly recommend buying some cheap tops and experimenting with cutting them up like this. Especially cheap vintage tops/jumpers!
The first show of the day was the Sabinna AW16 catwalk. I didn't manage to get great pictures but the collection was absolutely stunning. I loved how elegant yet modern the outfits were!
The second show of the day was the Leaf Xia AW16 catwalk. This collection was much more vibrant and bold. I love these kind of shows because they're always upbeat and give me a ton of inspiration.
I then attended the Arnaa AW16 Presentation in the gorgeous Baglioni Hotel. The shoes were beautifully displayed in an Alice in Wonderland themed room. I felt immersed in this luxurious setting and, along with the delicious treats, quite honestly didn't want to leave!

The last photo is the bathroom of the hotel. I was wearing my DKNY coat and a black scarf over my outfit. 
I ended my day attending the Barrus London Fashion Week afterparty, hosted by Rolls Royce. I'm really crap at spotting celebs as I don't watch much TV but my friend pointed a few people out to me. I also bumped into a few other friends which I loved! The cars were obviously the best part of this event along with the delicious cocktails :p

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed seeing what I got up to at LFW! Day 3 will be published soon!

Until next time lovelies,

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Photography by Seema Kukadia


  1. Love that you are getting creative with clothing! And that showroom looks amazing, have you got more pictures, so curious!

    1. Thanks girl :* I have a few. I'll message you xx


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