Tuesday 23 February 2016

London Fashion Week AW16 | Day 1

Vintage Blazer | Forever 21 Top | Topshop Jeans & Earrings | Hush Puppies Shoes | Aldo Sunglasses

I had the amazing opportunity to attend some shows and presentations this London Fashion Week so, of course, I had to share some of it with you guys! This was my outfit for day 1. Classic me had no outfit prepared until 30 minutes before leaving my house so I literally threw this on. As I said in my last post, I'm loving mixing vintage pieces and high street pieces, so most of my outfits for LFW will have that element. I find oversized blazers are a great way to add a little interest to an otherwise plain outfit. Especially when they are boxy, which is a great compliment to a figure hugging ensemble

The first day consisted of attending one presentation and fashion show. The first was a digital presentation was for designer Gyunel, and was hosted in The Ice Tank. The venue really complimented the presentation nicely and was a lovely and relaxing start to LFW. 

The David Ferreira fashion show (pictured above) was the next show of the day which was absolutely stunning. The vibrant colours and curved silhouettes really stood out. I was gutted that I arrived a little late to this show so didn't get a great view but the atmosphere along with the beautiful collection really made up for it.

I actually had a little conflict with another individual attending the show who had decided that because she had arrived even later, she wanted to practically rest her hands on my head whilst taking photos -__- I didn't want to make a scene and initially just felt bad for her because I assumed she was a photographer who really needed the shots. So I straightened out my back to remind her I was actually in front of her. So rather than apologising she decides to squeeze her way right in front of me. Like seriously? I then discover that she isn't a photographer. Nope, just someone taking snapchats on her phone. At this point the show was more than half way done so I really didn't care. When the show was over, she continued with her self-involved behaviour and attempted to push me to get her bag which she had left behind me. At this point I'm really not having it and I decide not to move. So she gives me the craziest death stare. Let's just say this incident ended in her getting so frustrated and calling my friend and I 'you shit' and running away when I turned around. We literally couldn't stop laughing on our way home. 

I will attempt to have Day 2 up tomorrow or Thursday! Until then, have a read of my blogging bestie Seema Kukadia's blog, who is also uploading LFW content. 

Love you all xx

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Photography by Seema Kukadia

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