Wednesday 2 March 2016

London Fashion WeeK AW16 | Day 3

Burberry Coat | H&M Shirt & Boots | Topshop Trousers & Earrings

Day 3 I decided to wear a shirt, tied up at the waist, with some pinstripe trousers. It was pretty cold and windy on this day and I do not sacrifice my comfort for style. So I went for my Burberry coat which, despite being a little bit too big on me, is so warm and covers most of my body. 
I had a little makeover by the lovely people at L'Oréal and had my hair and nails done. I really loved the results and I especially loved the fact that I didn't have to style my hair for two days after, and still have the nails going strong! They were also kind enough to gift me some hair products which are definitely going to good use. I can do a review post on them if you guys are interested? As I have been using the Elnett hairspray by L'Oréal for years.

Unfortunately my phone died whilst taking blog photos so this is all I have to show but stay tuned for day 4! 

Until next time,

Twitter: H_Heimisdottir Instagram: habbaheimisdottir | YouTube: Habba Heimisdottir
Photography by Seema Kukadia

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