Monday 18 December 2017


Topshop Outfit

These pictures were taken a few weeks ago when the leaves were greener, the weather was warmer and I had the time to climb things in Stratford with my bestie. As you can probably tell from my long absence, I haven't had the time to tend to anything, this due to university stress and holiday prep. I've basically been in a world of my own. Now that it's (almost) over, I have a free moment to share this outfit that I'm pretty sure was subconsciously inspired by my manager @iamfashionisha. She has puns for day and dresses like a 90's R&B star most days. 

I'm off to finally buy a Christmas tree so... until next time beauties...

H x

Photography by Seema Kukadia
Twitter: H_Heimisdottir Instagram: habbaheimisdottir | YouTube: Habba Heimisdottir

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