Monday 20 November 2017


Outfit: BOOHOO

As the cold weather approaches and everyone's scrambling to find their new winter attire, I'm usually still in a light jacket, low key freezing my ass off. The worst winter was while I lived in NYC and I literally didn't own a single coat (tbh I could barely afford one). I survived in my leather jacket until I ended up buying two in my last few weeks. 

This year I am (beginning) to learn but in my own special way. I was sent a few pieces from BOOHOO the other day, including this lovely furry scarf. It pretty much does the trick of a fur coat, that is if I wrap it around myself correctly. I am also slightly in love with its midnight blue colour and have decided this will be the colour of my New Years outfit ;) Until then I'll stay warm in my new faux fur friend.

Until next time...

H x

Photography by Jordan Hulse 
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  1. I am in LOVE with this outfit combo and that fur is amazing!


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