Sunday, 9 July 2017


The Line By K Top | Chantuque Trousers | Zara Shoes | Topshop Bag

Incorporating men's pieces into otherwise 'feminine' looks is one of my favourite ways of building my outfits. These are mens trousers that I've tightened at the waist and rolled up at the bottom. Paired with a cute little top, heels & a tiny bag and I'm good to go...
Fun fact: my 5 year old brother took half these photos and slayed the game. He even modelled a bit with me and had better poses. But I think I'll be keeping those pics for myself for now.

Until next time beauties...

H x

Photography by Heimir Gardarsson & Högni Huldar Völu-Heimisson
Twitter: H_Heimisdottir Instagram: habbaheimisdottir | YouTube: Habba Heimisdottir


  1. Love mixing feminine with masculine, it creates such an unique looking outfit! You did a great job and those baggy pants look awesome with the heeled booties. Have a great day! xx


  2. Great outfit babe, you look tough AND sexy!! Love those joggers<3

    XO, Jessi

  3. Great look, love the bag!!!
    instagram @grace_njio

  4. I'll never know those were men's pants if you don't say! They look great on you. Wow your little brother is talented! Great angle hehe :)


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