Wednesday 9 December 2015

Fresh Chop

DKNY Coat | Novem & Knight Dress | Zara Scarf & Bag | Office Shoes | Topshop Earrings

Last week I finally found time to get my hair cut into the bob I've wanted for ages. It makes me feel more confident- and it beats the awkward mid length, split ends that I'd been sporting most of the year LOL!

The other week, I visited the Novem & Knight pop up shop in Shoreditch and actually got to meet Sammi and Jason!! I've been following Sammi's blog and YouTube for ages, so talking to her was so surreal. I'm always scared of meeting people that I follow online because a lot of the time they don't match up to the expectations you've had in your head, but that was not the case. I can't believe how down to earth and kind she was, despite having worked for a straight 7 days at the store! I picked up their Bardot Deux dress that I'm wearing above, which I had been eyeing up online for ages. The quality of the dress was much better than I had thought, as I assumed it was a thin cotton material. So I highly recommend it as a staple piece!

I've been thinking a lot recently about my clothing choices. The crap quality I usually go for, by the same old high street brands. I've actually noticed the diminishing quality of the clothes from these places over the past few years, and it's so frustrating. That's why I'm now more interested in widening my options when it comes to shopping, buying from brands where clothing is of high quality and made ethically and environmentally friendly. I'm hoping to buy more from these type of brands as well as thrift shops and from brands started by bloggers. Because it's so much better when every piece you have has a story behind it! 

Until next time,

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Photography by Seema Kukadia


  1. You look amazing dear. The outfit is so pretty and chic. The length of your hair is perfect. :)

  2. I have read this post before but just wanted to come back that I am so proud of you, everything you say is so true. It's hard not to fall for fast fashion but it's really worth it. You look gorgeous as always and I am so excited that you met Sammi! Would have loved to be there! Xx


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