Sunday 29 November 2015

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I have been really enjoying doing up my bedroom recently and wanted to share my favourite parts! 

Being that I'm in my final year at uni, I find myself procrastinating with anything and everything. Currently, my favourite way to procrastinate is doing up my bedroom. I don't have that much ££ to spend on new furniture so I love doing DIYs and rearranging things I already have.

The most recent DIY I did was paint the frame of my mirror and the small chest of drawers white (2nd pic). It's so crazy how much of a difference it makes and I actually really enjoyed doing it (despite how dry my hands got from the paint *sobs*). I also had the shelf put up above my bed recently, which I'm planning on completing with candles or fairy lights. 

When I am decorating I try to find the right balance with things. Here are some examples:

1) Light. If there is a corner of your room that's always depressing to look at/has nothing going on, try putting either some candles, a light or even fairy lights. Having small lights coming from different areas gives a nicer, calmer vibe to the room and each area feels welcoming/nice to look at. 

2) Sound. So another thing I try to do is separate the objects that make sound e.g. TV, radio, computer etc. It makes each area feel less secluded and pulls the room together.

3) Furniture. This is a big one for me. I find it so important that there's a balance between the 'stuff' in the room. If all larger, 'heavier' pieces of furniture are all next to each other, while there's another space in the room that has less, it just doesn't feel right. Even with the smallest of rooms, finding a nice balance between everything can change up the space completely!

4) Colour. As you may be able to tell, I have quite clean, natural colours going on with the base being white. This isn't necessarily going to stay like this just because it's a bit common now, but just like with your outfits, layering is a great way putting things together. I thought that if I start off with a clean minimalist room and build it from there, I am more likely to find a consistent colour scheme which helps the balance of the room.

I'm not sure if I have even made sense in this post because I usually don't even speak about interior design, so trying to explain the craziness inside my head is a bit hard LOL! I hope I have inspired you though and I will try get up a room tour on my channel once everything is done!

Love you all xx

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  1. this has definitely gave me some inspiration for my room, so cute.

  2. I love this! Would love to hear more about how you organise your space and see how you decorate.


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