Saturday 24 November 2018


One of the best ways to combat a busy lifestyle is buying items of clothing that go together and can create multiple outfits. Because let's admit, it's the most frustrating feeling opening your wardrobe at 7am to choose your day's outfit and being confronted with everything clashing in front of you. 

I recently started purchasing (mainly) neutral pieces, which has resulted in the most aesthetically pleasing wardrobe situation that I've had in a while. Not to mention, the most convenient wardrobe too. I think scrolling through my feed for a second will illustrate this very well. I pulled together some pieces online that mirror my recent purchases in hopes to inspire you in similar ways...

You can do this for whichever neutral colours suit you best. Beiges, browns, and creams. Or blacks, whites and greys. 

I am by no means saying that I will only buy simple/monotoned/neutral pieces going forward. Just that, it's my current aesthetic and it suits my busy work/uni lifestyle atm.

Until next time...

H x
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