Sunday 11 November 2018


Mango Coat & Necklace | Zara Top | Topshop Skirt & Boots | eBay Bag

Over the past few years, the colour palette in my wardrobe has diminished. I guess I more-so found my personal style and stopped buying for the sake of buying. I own some beautiful pieces that I just never wear because they aren't my style in some way or another. One of these, a lot of the time, are pieces that are either really bright, neon, or patterned to a style that just isn't me. This has lead to me buying more things that suit my personal style. But it's also has meant that I've ended up with many similar pieces. 

This outfit kinda shows how I overcome this issue. I own a lot of brown/neutral pieces, all very similar in shade, but usually different materials, different fits and different textures. I love finding ways to pair these types of pieces together (I think I demonstrated this in my last blog post too!) In these pics above, I feel like I've created my own, mismatched suit, using the different textures in the coat and skirt to make the outfit more interesting. It might not be everyone's cup of tea, but it makes getting dressed in the morning a whole lot easier ;)

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