Monday 8 October 2018


Kenzo Top | Topshop Skirt

I wore this outfit one evening on my holiday in Florence. You probably can't tell here but the skirt is dark green. It fits me perfectly because I took it in slightly at the waist. I'd never been bothered to mend or take in my clothes before, but I do it all the time now. It literally takes 20 mins, so one Simpsons episode, and the result is a more polished and put together Habba. I love it!

I always used to bitch that clothes don't fit me, but a colleague recently told me that most retailers design clothes so that the customer can tailor the piece to fit themselves. It doesn't make sense to create clothes that fit one measurement when women come in so many sizes. So by making them with little to no fit, the customer can take the piece to a tailor and have it altered, or do it themselves! The problem these days is when clothes are so cheap and dispensible, it doesn't make sense to pay or spend time altering when you'll only wear the item a few times. The result is the endless cycle of buying pieces that don't fit well, wearing them, not feeling 100%, leaving them in the back of your wardrobe and repeating the process with another item. I've done this so many times. The other annoying cycle I've watched myself repeat time and time again is buying crappy 'elasticated' dresses and skirts that look good LITERALLY the first time you wear them. Then after the first wash, they stretch, lose colour and start to look cheap.

Let's stop the cycle and buy pieces we love, alter them to look banging on you, and take care of our clothes.

Until next time my loves
H x


  1. Love this outfit!!

  2. owesom look and Different outlook wear


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