Thursday 16 August 2018

Something Old

H&M Top | Vintage Trousers | Topshop Bag & Shoes

Vintage shopping is my new favourite thing. I've spent years trying to get into it but I always found it quite hard. There's no real direction in store and you have to have patience and an understanding of what you want. I know what I want, most of the time, but I do not have patience. It's wasn't until I found some hidden gems in my local Beyond Retro that I really started enjoying it. Following that, I began watching vintage hauls on Youtube and then videos on the ethics of vintage fashion started cropping into my recommended box. This brings a whole new perspective to purchasing vintage pieces. 

The trousers I'm wearing here are vintage (from Beyond Retro) and, let me tell you, they fit better than ANY trousers I've ever had. The waist is absolutely perfect and the hip area isn't taut. I got so excited and decided I had to buy them immediately, along with a 100% wool blazer coat. While I was paying, I got to chatting with the girl at the till about vintage shopping, asking if she had any advice. She advised don't just go in expecting to buy loads. Shop around and get to know your style. What era of clothing fits you best, what colours, what silhouettes... I thought this was such a great way to think about it. I never thought to browse based on decade. A 50's silhouette may fit me great, while 70's style may suit another girl. Hope that inspires some of you, like it did me! 

Until next time,

H x

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