Tuesday 13 March 2018


 Outfit: Topshop

So apparently lilac is this spring's colour. I've spent the weekend looking for pieces in this general colour range and I must say I wasn't blown away. Similarly, I've spent the past month or two looking for a belt bag and they're either too big or look cheap af. I'm quite picky when it comes to buying into 'trends' because there's an 80% chance I'll be off it in a few months. Then I end up with a wardrobe full of pieces that'll never be used again.

Instead, I thought I'd share some 'staples' today. Going into spring, I usually lean more towards trench coats. They're classics and match the London rain perfectly *cries inside* But then again, it was snowing less than two weeks ago so maybe I should just stick to my thermals and teddy coats... 

Until next times babbbes,

H x

Photography by Seema Kukadia
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