Sunday 8 January 2017

Winter Knits

H&M Jumper | Topshop Jeans & Bag | Public Desire Boots

My initial intention for this blog post was to do a 'here's to 2016' type piece, talking about my year, or a 'happy 2017' post, discussing what I wanted for the new year. But if I'm honest, I'm not in that mood right now and just wanted to share this outfit, as the jumper has been such a staple for me this winter. Warm, cosy jumpers are my actual favourite thing and as much as I try to switch it up, those cold mornings in my room where I have 32 seconds to decide an outfit defeat me every time. There's no fighting it, I'm a jumper addict. What's your favourite winter piece?

H x

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  1. My office sometimes feels like it is -100 degrees so I am all about dressing for warmth and big jumpers are everything. I wish I could mix it up more but I guess I'll have to wait for Spring xx


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