Monday 8 August 2016

Plain & Simple

The Line By K Top | ASOS Trousers | Office Boots | Topshop Bag
Every year since I was two, my family and I have travelled to Iceland for a few weeks to visit family. Sometimes it really sucks being so far away from home for such long periods at a time, which is why these trips mean so much to me. The only problem is the unpredictable weather. I cannot stand the cold! So it was such a nice surprise when it stayed pretty sunny and warm our whole trip! These pictures were taken by my brother on one of our last days. It was pretty windy by the sea but the sun kept shining!

On another note, I've been having difficulties choosing what to wear these days. It feels like everything I'm loving is way too mainstream. And the word mainstream has taken on a whole new meaning since social media. It's so frustrating because I want to dress relatively unique, but I feel like it's getting impossible. Anyone else feeling like this? I think my best bet is to start hitting up vintage shops, I've just never been the best at finding pieces I like/fit into. Let me know if you have any vintage shopping tips!

Until next time,

H x

Photography by Kjartan Heimisson
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  1. Oh I love these shots you got! It just makes me think Iceland is so beautiful. So happy to learn it was warm when you were there, else you might have to wear a coat hahaha <3

    xx   BASH   |   go   say     H E Y   B A S H

    1. Thanks :) Haha I did need a jacket, just took it off for the pics LOL xx

  2. Your outfit is so well put together! I understand what you are saying, I sometimes feel like personal style has died and everybody just wears trends that are so mainstream eventhough they look great and that particular style might be cool it feels unsatifing knowing the pieces will be discarded after a few seasons. I rewatched Desperatly Seeking Susan which made me ache for a time where people wore their personality and made their look their own.

    1. Uhh yes! It's so annoying to see everyone wear the same thing!

  3. Great oufit. Beautiful backdrop!


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