Sunday 17 April 2016


Topshop Jacket & Bag | H&M Top | DKNY Jeans | Public Desire Boots

This week has been such a long one, juggling my dissertation, work, blogging and sorting my life out, ha! I've spent the weekend relaxing and sorting the house out. I literally cannot function when my surroundings are cluttered and messy. 

I was sent these gorgeous boots from Public Desire to try out and style. I am in love with them and I really cannot put them away. They are inspired by the Dior shoes from a few collections ago. I decided to style them more casually here with jeans, as I feel it compliments the material of the shoes. I also think that wearing them with white jeans make them more day time appropriate. What do you think? Let me know if you want to see how I'd style them for a evening/night out!

During this shoot, my boyfriend and I got followed around by the cutest cat. It followed us up and down the road and even tried to get into some of the shots hahaha! So I wanted to share the photos too...

LOOL! Tell me that's not the sweetest cat!

I am also in the process of getting my YT channel back up and running (already have a video filmed and half edited) so make sure you stay tuned for that! 

Until next time,

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Photography by Sintayeh Gessesse


  1. Love those shoes!

  2. 1) Those shoes are amazing. 2)That bag is adorable. 3) So is the cat.
    4) If I were styling those boots I'ld wear them with a kneelength dress and some tights, but love you look as well. 5 That hairstyle looks so tumblr on you. 6. I miss you! xx

    1. 1) You're the best!
      Haha thank you Kathy, Love youuu xx

  3. Love that look!!

  4. Love a good monochrome outfit. Suits you perfectly.


    1. Yeah monochrome outfits are always the best ;) Thank you! x

  5. Come through girl!! So much love for that short-sleeved jacket + insane transparent heel. And that top knot action... Yes and yes!

    Iman @ Manigazer


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