Tuesday 2 February 2016

10 Little Life Lessons

Yesterday was my 23rd birthday and to commemorate, I decided to write this post on 10 little life lessons that I want to share with you guys, and also remind myself of. I get so caught up in my day-to-day priorities and stresses that I get sidetracked from what's important and the things to focus on. So here are a few lessons I've learnt over the past few years.

1. Do What You Love
It sounds so simple. But sometimes we get lost or stuck in something we don't enjoy. And sometimes it's just hard to figure out what your true passion actually is. But taking that time to fix up and start doing what you love is so worth it. I honestly believe that everyone has a passion. The only trouble is finding it and committing to it...
2. Accept Your Mistakes
It can sometimes be really difficult to admit that you're wrong. If it's in work, school or just life. And if you allow it to, making mistakes or being proven wrong can make you feel stupid and angry. But just realise that it's the truly confident people who can recognise their mistakes, learn from them and move on.
3. Save Your Money
What's more important? Those latest trainers or your future family house? Yeah, our priorities can sometimes get a bit messed up but look around your room and take in how much junk you buy that you don't get the full value from. We live in such a wasteful society and it's such a shame that it's just common practice to buy something new instead of fixing the old thing. If you are young at the moment, understand that most of what you buy now will be completely irrelevant in 10 years time. Saving bits of money here and there can make a difference in the future and just puts you into good practice.
4. Never Stop Learning
Ok, honestly. Ignorance is never bliss and I truly believe you should take your learning as far as you can, as long as you're enjoying it. The more you learn, the more you realise you know nothing, as there is SO much you could possibly learn. So, stay in education as long as you can, read books, question things around you and make sure to love doing it!
5. Appreciate People
The people you love won't be there forever if you take them for granted and give them nothing in return. Any and every type of relationship should be about growth and love. Give back and love those around you.
6. But Expect Appreciation In Return
You deserve to have people around you that respect and love you. So, for example, if you aren't getting that from a friend, they aren't worth the effort.
7. Love Your Body & Health
Seriously! It's the one thing that'll without a doubt always be there. So why treat it like crap? 
8. Don't Bitch
Constant 24/7 bitching will never result in much personal growth and just builds a negative aura around you. Spread positivity and that's how you'll feel.
9. Give Back
So I have a little storytime... I was out the other day at a club, celebrating my birthday, when I went out to make a phone call. Amongst the smokers was a homeless man, asking for some change. I went up to him as I knew I had a few pounds in my purse. I got to talking to him, as I was struggling to open my bag zip. He explained that he had found a hostel for £8 which he was gathering money for. I managed to make out just over £1 in his hand. I suggested to him to stay under a bridge nearby if he didn't make enough and it started to rain. He told me that he'd tried this before but got kicked out by the police :/ This broke my heart as he seemed like such a good person. Despite him not even having a place to stay on that freezing night, he had told me to go back inside quickly as I wasn't wearing a coat and he was worried I was cold. 
I know some of you may be thinking I shouldn't have given him the money as he might use it for drugs or alcohol. But quite honestly I am willing to take that chance. It was so cold that night so even if that was his intension, I just pray that whatever he spent the money on kept him happy and warm. 
You never know people's stories or how they got into the difficult position they're in. So giving that extra few £ that you were going to spend on snacks or new clothes could mean a safer and warmer night for another human being.
10. Live Every Moment
When was the last time you went to a concert, or on holiday or anywhere beautiful and just took in the moment? Didn't take a photo, tweet where you were or anything like that. Just appreciating the unique moment that you'll probably never get back? As much as I can take a million photos of a really beautiful rainbow, I'm likely to not look back at it, or even remember it. Taking the time to fully experience that moment could mean remembering it forever. 
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I hope you enjoyed the post and feel a bit inspired. Let me know in the comments any life lessons you go by!

Until next time lovelies,

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  1. I love all these points, you are clearly wise beyond your years! I might have to print this out and stick it on my wall xx

    1. Awwww <3 You are so sweet. So glad you liked it xxx

  2. I agree with Kathy! This is very inspiring x


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