Sunday 4 October 2015

Comfort First

Wearing: Primark Jumper | Miss Selfridge Top | Topshop Leggings & Hat | Office Boots

So, I start uni again tomorrow *sobs* and this means that I will, most likely, be dressing comfort first from now. Also because Autumn has begun and it's that time of year to wrap up in my cosy jumpers and scarves. Ok I know every blogger says this but I really do love this time of year, and my love for it surprises me every time because I expect to hate it. Deep down inside I'm just a granny who wants to Netflix and chill with my food. 

The pieces I'm wearing in this post are not new at all and I was so close to throwing these leggings out, as I have over worn them to death. But I'm a sucker for anything that's comfortable. I must invest in more! Then top it off with a baggy jumper and I'm good to go ;D 

Until next time,

Photography by Seema Kukadia
Twitter: H_Heimisdottir Instagram: habbaheimisdottir | Youtube: Habba Heimisdottir


  1. All about the comfort first - especially in winter!

    Also loving your new blog layout - looks fab! x

  2. nice hat style


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