Wednesday 13 May 2015

Primrose Hill

 H&M Coat | Zara Shirt | Topshop Jeans | Hush Puppies Shoes | Zara Bag 

The sun has been shining in London the past few days and I'm lovin' it. It's about time too. This Saturday I spent the day at Primrose Hill with the boyfriend, searching through the shops and walking round the park. I don't know if you've been to the top of the hill in the park but it's so beautiful. You can see so much of the city but it's still so calm and peaceful (not so common in London).
We then went to a restaurant called Feng Shang Princess, which floats on a canal near London Zoo. It's actually very nice in there and I loved the atmosphere. The food was a little overpriced but I guess that's what you can expect from that area.

I'm absolutely loving this Zara shirt and I've been meaning to wear it for so long. It makes me feel like summer, especially with the white jeans. I think that floral patterns just instantly make me think of these warmer months, and probably one of my favourite patterns for summer time :)
What's your favourite pattern for summer?

Until next time lovelies...

Photography by Sintayeh Gessesse
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  1. Love your outfit, I can see myself wearing that!

  2. Amazing photos! I love that top with the white denim!


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