Sunday 4 January 2015

Hello 2015!

DKNY Coat | H&M Top | Topshop Jeans | H&M Shoes | Zara Bag & Gloves | River Island Earrings

Hello beautiful people, and Happy New Year!
I hope you all had an amazing 2014 and enjoyed your New Years Eve! 

So, who's already broken their resolutions? XD I've made quite a few this year, mainly about my blog etc. Though, I'm gonna call them life goals. Then, I'm maybe less likely to give up the minute I break one...

I had so much fun taking these photos with my girl Seema (as you may be able to tell from the last pic, haha!) They were taken in Manhattan, while I was still in New York, on the Upper East Side. I lived by 97th street, so this was on my way downtown. There were so many cute, random places that I found during my stay in the city, like this tiny park, randomly placed between the lanes on Park Avenue. 

I kinda threw this outfit together before I left the house, though I'm really loving it looking back at the photos. It was really comfortable and warm, and looks really simple and chic at the same time. Just what I need this time of year. Though, surprisingly, London is actually so much colder than New York was... I am not impressed! My cheeky tip for those of you living in the colder climates: hit up Uniqlo and buy a bunch of Heat Tech thermals. Then wear them under your normal clothes and you're set! At least, that's what I've been doing. The cold will not defeat me! LOL!

Until next time guyss,

Photography by Seema Kukadia
Twitter: H_Heimisdottir Instagram: habbaheimisdottir | Youtube: Habba Heimisdottir

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