Sunday 30 November 2014

The Arch

H&M Coat / American Apparel Top / H&M Jeans, Shoes and Rings / Zara Bag and Gloves

I went Black Friday shopping this week for the first time ever and, of course, I arrived like ten hours late. It wasn't as busy as I expected it to be thankfully but there's always a few crazy people still running around. I went to Broadway then 5th Av, mainly in search for a winter coat. I really couldn't last a day longer without one in this cold! I found this beauty in H&M, which I've had my eyes on since I saw it earlier this week. My problem was the amount of coat options there were... My criteria was a smart structured camel coloured coat, and I found about 5 that matched this. Urghhh so hard to choose...

I popped into Zara, several times, and literally wanted to buy the shop. While my budget didn't quite allow that, I found this bag which was like $50... not too bad considering there was 30% off that and anything I buy in the US is cheaper because the £ is so strong ;) I've been on the hunt for a small(ish) bag like this, which fits all my essentials. It's not perfect, but it'll do for now. 
What is perfect though are those gloves! I actually love them. I had already bought Forever21 gloves about two hours before but I don't even care...
Apart from that, I just went a bit crazy in the Topshop and H&M jewellery sections and bought way too many rings. 

Tourist guide: I visited the Washington Memorial Arch and it was really beautiful. It's in this lovely park about 10 mins from Astor Place (6 train). Definitely recommend it if you're visiting the city!

Until next time guys,

Photography by: Monica Barleycorn
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