Friday 21 November 2014


Outfit from H&M | Bracelet: Vintage market in Brooklyn

New York is such a beautiful city that once in a while you have to take a day to appreciate it. Where better to do this than in Brooklyn, overlooking the Manhattan skyline? This spot is one of my favourites in Brooklyn, especially on a clear day.

Have you noticed my obsession with my white blazer? It's just so chic and simple, and somehow never gets dirty! I love how it complements my ripped 'mom' jeans too. If ever in doubt with a casual outfit and you want to look more polished, pop a blazer on top and you're good to go. Definitely a wardrobe staple.

I have been loving these ripped jeans recently. Anything that doesn't make me feel claustrophobic is a win for me! (And many jeans do). Only thing I hate is that the waistband is way too big, forcing me to wear a belt with them every time. Damn my non-average hip-to-waist ratio! Someone needs to create some inside-trouser belts for me...

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  1. Loving the mom jeans!! Looks lovely with the blazer xx


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