Sunday 12 October 2014

In a New York Minute

I'm sitting here looking at the date and realised it's almost two months since I arrived in New York, and thought it's about time I give ya'll a little update on my travels. 
I'm living in uptown Manhattan, which works quite well because the metro takes you anywhere. And of course when all else fails, there's about a million yellow cabs all over the island ;)

I've done quite a bit since I arrived but here is a small list of non-touristy ideas of what to do in the city:
1) Go to Central Park: Its HUGE, and a nice place to visit when you need peace from the busy city. And every trip will be different. Just make sure you have battery on your phone incase you get lost and need google maps, and to take those pics. Its nice also a nice place to bring lunch to and have a picnic. 
2) Visit a roof top bar: This is all my friends and I did the first month whenever we'd go out for drinks. Who wants a drink in a regular bar when you can have a drink with a view of the sky line? There are so many but my most visited would be the Standard Hotel. 
3) Go to a ball game: I was fortunate enough to get tickets from my college to a Yankee game and it was such an experience. The atmosphere was crazyyy and I was even on the big screen :D
4) Go on a boat cruise on the Hudson River: I don't know how accessible this is to tourists but I got to go on a boat cruise with my college for orientation and it was so gorgeous! Going in the evening is the best because you get to see the sun set. 
5) Visit Bryant Park: Honestly, every time I go to this park there is something new going on. The first time I went, I watched The Shining with the Summer Film Festival. The next time, there was a square dancing event, and now they're putting in an ice skating rink... and it's just generally a really cute park in the middle of Manhattan surrounded by all the sky scrapers. 

I could go on about the million and one things there are to do in the city but these are my top five :) 
Hope you liked! Let me know your favourite things to do in the city...

Until next time,


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