Friday 14 February 2014

New York Fashion Week

Hey fellow fashionistas!

So New York Fashion Week has drawn to a close and I have been looking through the collections. There was SO much that I loved, wish I could have been there! So instead I am going to share some of my favourite ensembles with ya'll and what I love about them. Hope you enjoy!

Marc by Marc Jacobs

Source: WGSN

I loved how WGSN labelled this collection: 'Alice in Wonderland meets BMX.' The outfits were beautifully chic complemented with a tough edge, through pieces such as the leather waist belt shown above. 
I was drawn to this ensemble because its gorgeously balanced and simple yet still interesting. I have been loving turtle neck tops, and I like the way the outfit has incorporated this trend. Its so subtle whilst complementing the horizontal line of the belt below it. That, along with the slight cinched in waist just enticed me to the picture, love it!

Diane von Furstenberg

Source: WGSN

This collection was amazing! The patterns, the colours and the silhouettes, just blew me away! Diane von Furstenberg 'celebrated the 40-year anniversary of her signature wrap dress' with this collection, according to WGSN and this was beautifully integrated into the collection.
I chose this ensemble because of how feminine and elegant it looks. I have been loving coats in this silhouette and its great to know they will still be in for autumn! Just something casual looking that can be thrown over any outfit. I must add, I really do adore how the prints and colours have been matched up in this outfit, this is something that I am very uncomfortable with sometimes i must add! So this gives me the courage to definitely try harder from now!


Source: WGSN

DKNY's collection was predominantly monochrome, which I must admit, I do love. The occasional pops of colour were done very simply and whilst I felt the collection was feminine, it was combined with sporty, casual edge. 
I liked the ensemble above because it is a blend of formal and urban, which is how I have been styling myself recently- and trust me I've gotten some compliments! ;) 
I have been seeing trainers everywhere for the past few months, with every type of outfit (I'm even wearing my Jordans at the moment!) The way the feminine ensemble has been mixed with the sporty trainers yet still manages to come out chic is what I love about it!

Anna Sui

Source: WGSN

Layers, layers, layers! My favourite thing about winter! And the layers in this collection made me very happy. Each ensemble was interesting to look at whilst being feminine and classic. There was an array of fabrics used from fur to silk, creating a beautiful and luxurious collection. Just my cup of tea! 
I love the silk trousers in the outfit above. The print is beautiful and they honestly just look so comfy! The whole outfit is so elegant despite the edgy jacket, I love it! The pops of orange are what drew me to the picture, simple and gorgeous!

Rebecca Minkoff

Source: WGSN

I tweeted about Rebecca Minkoffs show when I first saw it, which if you saw how little I tweet, is pretty amazing haha! I think I was in fashion week mode (which to me is: super excited, sitting by myself in my room on the laptop, nothing glamorous.) The collection was modern and wearable, whilst also being feminine and beautiful. 
I did have many favourites in the collection, but I chose this ensemble because I saw everyone was loving the metallics. The relaxed feel of the shirt makes it so wearable, but the fact that it is this beautiful metallic colour means I would definitely wear it on a night out or even a nice dinner (or just to uni, if I'm feeling like a diva.) 
I would definitely recommend looking through the whole collection!

I hope you liked my take on just a few ensembles of the many! I'm gonna stop here because otherwise I would honestly go on all night. Let me know what you think, and let me know your favourite collections!

Habba xo


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